Air transport movements

An air transport movement means a landing or take-off. Air transport movement in ­scheduled traffic means a movement ­in commercial traffic according to an official timetable. Air transport movement in non-scheduled traffic means a non-scheduled movement in commercial traffic (charters, relief services, etc.; taxi flights excluded).

Cargo transport

Both paying and non paying freight, including military mail and express freight. Goods leaving the airport on the same aircraft as the one by which they have arrived (transit-direct) are left out of account, as well as trucking freight.

Full freighter

An aircraft that transports cargo exclusively. This can also be a passenger aircraft, that is used for only transporting cargo in cabin/belly.

Mail transport

Mail handled exclusively by TNT Post Group N.V. excluding mail leaving the airport on the same aircraft as the one by which it has arrived (transit-direct).


Maximum take-off weight of an aircraft.

Network destinations

Passenger destinations count when an airline carries at least 10 passengers on a flight between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and that destination, for at least 8 weeks in a row. Freighter destinations only count when more than 100,000 kg from/to a destination have been shipped in a year, in at least 10 frequencies.

Passenger load factor

The passenger load factor means the number of passengers (including 2x transit-direct) expressed in a percentage of the number of available seats.

Passenger transport

All passengers on scheduled- and non-­scheduled flights including service passengers and infants. Passengers on taxi-, photo- and sightseeing flights are excluded.

O&D passengers
Originating and destinating passengers. Those whose journey by air starts or ends at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Transfer passengers
Those who change planes within 24 hours without leaving the customs area are counted both arriving and departing.

Transit-direct passengers
Those who leave the airport on the same flight number as the one by which they arrived, without leaving the customs area are not counted incoming or outgoing, but stated separately.


Punctuality is the percentage of flights ­departing/arriving within no more than 15 minutes of its scheduled time on/off blocks, regarding passenger flights only.